best green smoothie for weight loss

With a dash of effort and a sprinkle of wisdom, you can create the best green smoothie for weight loss, good health and a feeling of general well-being. No one can dispute that there are immense health benefits of eating copious amounts of salads, fruits and vegetables – especially dark, leafy greens. But not many of us can truly say that we really enjoy eating them in the large amounts that the dieticians advise that we should consume daily. We ate salads occasionally but we certainly don’t relish the water cress, spinach, broccoli, kale, collards, cauliflower, et alia, that are highly recommended by most food nutritionists.

One easy and effective way to reap the benefits of a nutritious diet ( healing, better health, weight loss, more energy, disease prevention )-blend them all up into a delicious green smoothie and savour at your leisure. The surprisingly delectable results are nutritious meal replacements which definitely will fortify your body and contribute to you losing a great deal of the excess fat that adversely affects your health. By mixing these green smoothies, I can ensure my family and relatives, especially the youngsters, are ingesting their greens several times a week. Like most kids, they don’t get very excited over a big bowl of the dark greens, so I sneak in the nutritious greens whenever and wherever I can. The main thing I really love about green smoothies is they are so easy to make. Simply throw everything in the blender and you’re done in 5 minutes. Juicing is also a wonderful thing but it cannot compare to the ease of making a smoothie when you’re short on time. And the cleaning up is faster and more stress-free than washing all those assorted parts of a juicer.

blended green smoothie

For the most complete nutrititional benefits, vary your smoothie ingredients from day to day. But the very basic recipe for concocting the best green smoothies for weight loss is as folows – this will yield approximately 1 quart, which is a good amount if you’re using it as a meal replacement.

Add the following to your blender:
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup fresh fruit (oranges, pineapple, mango, kiwi, berries, peaches, plums, etc.) Substitute frozen fruit if needed
  • 1 frozen, cut up ripe banana (or frozen mango) for creaminess
  • 1 tbsp Chia Seeds , Hemp Seeds , or flax seeds
  • 2-4 cups dark leafy greens (choices: water cress,kale, collards, spinach, Romaine lettuce, dandelion leaves, beet greens,Swiss chard, celery, cilantro, broccoli leaves, etc.)


Start with a handful of greens if you’re new to green smoothies and work you way up to more. Playing around and making a variety of healthy beverages with what you have on hand can make for some interesting and potent green smoothies for weight loss. One of our family favorites is the Veggie Green Smoothie for weight loss. You might find the use of cilantro ( called chadon beni in Trinidad) an odd addition to a smoothie but actually, herbs make for great additions to your smoothies. Cilantro is full of antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins, and dietary fiber and it has been proven to bind to toxic metals in our body and loosens them from the tissue. If cilantro is not of your liking, just leave it out or add another handful of any other leafy smoothie ingredients



As a youth, I recall watching my uncle, a self-professed herbalist, scouring the kitchen pantry and our back yard garden for exotic ingredients to make the best green smoothie for weight loss and as a preventative elixir for just about every ailment that a family member could have possibly contracted. Between the offerings by him and my grandmother, we have drunk an assortment of healthy delicious green fruit and vegetable smoothies all with a base mixture similar to that listed above, but blended with whichever fruits and vegetables were in abundance depending on the tropical season. Ingredients such as avocados (referred to as guacamole in the Americas), cilantro ( chadon beni), spinach (Hindi-bhaji), young dasheen leaves ( callaloo bush), spices like garlic,ginger, nutmeg, turmeric (curcumin). Even the aloe vera pulp were scraped off straight from the sliced succulent leaves and into the awaiting blender. Aloes or the inclusion of okra (ochro) is certainly not for the faint-hearted but many knowledgeable herbalists attest to their effectiveness as blood cleaners and general body healers.

aloe vera for green smoothies
Succulent Aloe Vera Leaves

If you require a natural sweetener, then I highly recommend using a safe sugar substitute like Stevia; just a couple packets (1 gram each) can be added to your blender to modify the taste to your liking. Organic honey may also be used as a natural sweetener.


stevia for green smoothies
Sweet Stevia Leaves


green smoothie goodness

These exclusively blended smoothies may very well have served as panaceas since I can’t in all honesty recall any of my close family members or relatives, who would have regularly guzzled and gulped the mixtures, ever developing any major ailment during that period. In my estimation, these green smoothies strengthen the body’s immune system and promisingly research in recent times has shown that these powerful ingredients possess anti-bacterial properties and are loaded with various beneficial antioxidants. Try it yourself and decide if this recipe is not the formula for the best green smoothie for weight loss and for maintaining optimal fitness and enduring health.

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