Trinidad Weight Loss Diets

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Trinidad Weight Loss Diets

Trini diet plans are different from many traditional diet plans or weight loss plans in the world. The food we eat and the way we prepare our food is not the best for our bodies. Many people are looking for Trinidad Diet Recipes for weight loss. Some want weight loss pills like Skinny Fiber Diet Pills, Herballife Diet Pills, The Venus Factor Diet Plan and many more diet plans. The ultimate goal is to lose weight.

Weight loss diets are simple and healthy and will help you lose weight. The key to losing weight is not the book, the pill, the exercise equipment or and other factor. The key to losing weight and being healthy starts with your will. Food on it’s own will never get fat. We over eat and we will get obese. So how to start taking control of your challenge. It is never impossible to over come a challenge it is just necessary to have the right information.

How do you get control? There are many books that can help with getting control of the mind. Some of us may be stress eaters and others a slow metabolism. Having information on your specific issue will go a long way into finding the solution. Over eating is an addiction. Similar to other addictions like drug abuse, stealing, running, talking, domestic violence etc. There needs to be information to assist.

Trinidad Weight Loss Diets – Diet Meals

The Trinidad diet recipes consist of foods that are well seasoned and full of flavor. A regular week for a Trinidadian will consist of really tasty food. A Trinidad Meal Plan will have the following:

  • Monday – Paleau with coleslaw. This is basically rice, peas and chicken. The part that is not good for us is the coconut milk that is added along with the vitsin, iodized salt, Maggie cubes and more.


  • Tuesday – Spanish rice, lentil peas, stew chicken. The peas again is cooked with margarine and iodized salt which is not good for the body. High blood pressure is a high risk.


  • Wednesday – This is curry day. Curry chicken, curry rice, curry channa, curry dhal, buss up shot or roti, curry mango, curry bodi and curry shrimp. Fantastic for some and heart burn for others.


  • Thursday – Spaghetti and meatballs or Chinese food. The processed meat and the ton a vitsin is another factor that can contribute to high blood pressure.


  • Friday – Provision and salt fish or stew chicken. This is nearly the best meal of the week but the stew is then loaded with coconut milk and unhealthy butter etc.


  • Saturday – This is soup day. Cow heel soup, ox-tail soup, beef soup, chicken foot soup and fish broth. Soups are healthy and tasty but the oil and other ingredients added for taste makes these wonderful soups hazardous to our health.


  • Sunday – Well know for Trinidadians as “Sunday Food”. This is a huge combination of starch and carbs. Macaroni pie, mince meat pie, fried rice, pigeon peas, callaloo, potato salad, stew chicken, bake chicken and some stew pork.

Having these meals on a day to day basis without exercise will lead to obesity and high blood pressure levels. The meals in themselves are not harmful but the danger is in the preparation. The rule of having more uncooked food on the plate is ignored. The more natural foods we eat the better your our health and well being. The horse lives on hay and grass.

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